Original Watercolor Artwork and Graphic Design

I am a freelance watercolor and digital artist.

Let’s collaborate on a project.

Custom Coats of Arms

I make custom family crests for clients on Etsy.

Original Watercolor Artwork

I create original watercolor paintings for clients all over the US.

Graphic Design for Print and Web

I lay out unique art for cards, mailers, signage, and more.

Personalized Artworks

Commission an original artwork from your photo or your imagination.

Art as unique as your family.

These original artworks strive to capture the personality of a family or couple. Some clients come to me with an image already in hand. Others come to me with a list of symbols that are important or meaningful to their family. These pieces are my drawings, but the stories and ideas behind them belong to so many families.

Anniversary Gifts
Create a thoughtful conversation piece for your home.
Anniversary and Birthday gifts
The traditional gift for a first anniversary is “paper.”  Let’s create an artwork on watercolor paper to represent your life together.
Display your family history
Coats of Arms based on Historical Research
Art based on your History

Create a companion to geneological research or display your affiliation with a school, fraternity, or sorority.