Let’s collaborate on a work of art for you or your family.

I like to start most of my projects on Etsy.  They make it easy to collect payment and run shipping labels, so I can focus on making the pieces perfect. Contact me and let’s collaborate on a piece. Or buy prints of my watercolors at FineArtAmerica.com.

Let's Create a Custom Coat of Arms

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Coats of Arms

I combine parts of vintage coats of arms with historical research and personalized art to create frame-able coats of arms with 24k gold and silver leaf.  Drawn in India ink and painted with watercolor, these can include wedding dates, family mottos, and even personalized symbols.

Turnaround time: roughly 3 weeks, including the collaboration phase. Prices range from $175 – $400 depending on size and complexity. Start about a month in advance so the piece can be completed in time.  These pieces require substantial communication from you.  I exchange an average of 20 to 40 messages with each client before the piece is complete.  I want you to be delighted with the piece, and I need your input!

Watercolor paintings

I start every piece with a detailed map of my intended piece – a drawing or photo.  I crop it to the exact size I intend to paint and then lay a grid over it in photoshop. I print the photo and I use that grid (like the Renaissance masters) to size up my art to the size that I have planned for the piece.  I create compartments where the colors should be, almost like a paint-by numbers piece. I use Windsor and Newton watercolors and paint on Arches watercolor paper.

Can’t wait to get started? Put down a $100 deposit on your piece now.

This $100 deposit goes towards the balance of your finished artwork.  I can invoice you for the remainder of your art on completion.

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