Beginning the year with a new planner!

by | Jan 6, 2018 | Blog |

Starting January 1, 2018, I have begun to map my days using the Self Journal. I heard about the journal in my Tracking Wonder business group, and I’m excited to train myself to track my time with purpose and accountability.

The journal begins by asking you to set one, two or three goals. These should be concrete, measurable goals. I have set two goals for improvements to my website and Etsy shop, and then one much larger goal of 20 original watercolor paintings by the end of the 13-week journal. I had a difficult time deciding on a “reward” for achieving my goals. For me, I’ve wanted this art career for so long that the rewards for this project are intrinsic. I finally decided, after some coaching from my husband, that I would buy myself a new dress if I can achieve each of my three milestones.

The journal has a month-to-month calendar, a weekly calendar section, and then a day-by-day section asking you to plan each day in 30-minute sections. Each day starts out and ends with a gratitude section, asking you to bookend your day by remembering what you are grateful for. After my first week, the journal has helped me become more aware of the projects that I am working on, and how long I spend on each artwork. I think this awareness will help me price my artworks more effectively. It’s also helping me stay on track as I enjoy my new membership at the YMCA: I decide on the fitness classes that I want to attend and write them in my calendar so I don’t forget to go or schedule something over them.

The weekly goals section is a part of the journal that I was a little late to try out, but after I figured out what sorts of activities to track (like working out, and spending time on a devotional ) I think I’m warming up to it.

After the first week, I’m excited to see if mapping my time helps me be more productive. I can already tell that it’s helped me feel more accomplished at the end of the day as I review a list of my accomplishments and completed works. See some of my newest works in my Objects portfolio.