12″ x 16″ custom family crest with a vintage monogram.


A family crest is a little like a personal logo – they were awarded by the college or arms when a person could could prove that their family had a certain heritage.  Today you don’t need any qualifications to create your own family crest. A custom coat of arms or family crest is a unique gift idea for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary.  Created by watercolor artist Jamie Hansen, these pieces bring together elements of the family’s life – their pets, jobs, or heritage – and combine them with historical pieces and parts of old coats of arms and drawings to create a completely unique piece of art.
I combine parts of vintage coats of arms with historical research to create frame-able coats of arms with 24k gold and silver leaf.  Drawn in India ink and painted with watercolor, these can include wedding dates, family mottos, and even personalized symbols.
1: After the order, I’ll present a computer generated sketch for approval.
2: We can adjust fonts, mottos, colors, and parts of the art.
3: After approval of the computer sketch, I’ll draw the piece.  I like to send frequent photo updates of the piece in progress!