My Process

Creating a custom Coat of Arms

Ideas and images

I collect images of old coats of arms and documents on a Pinterest board, as well as pieces of clip art that look interesting. Some clients come to me with an image already in hand.  Others come to me with a list of symbols that are important or meaningful to their family. Through collaboration and guess-and-test, they gradually become a story with a theme, details, and their own unique style.

Digital back to Pen and Ink

These start with a computer mock-up.

Computer Layout

Work starts with a computer drawing using clip art. It seems a little silly-looking, but that’s an easy way to make sure all the elements and words are in the right place.

Ink Drawing

Once approved, the computer mock up becomes a drawing.

Watercolor and Metal Leaf

I use watercolors to create bright, painterly fields of color. Real gold leaf gives the piece a regal feel. Archival materials ensure that your artwork stays beautiful and vibrant for generations.

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